Obedience Classes are offered by the Champlain Dog Club.
For more information please
contact us.

Classes for the general public are directed at the family dog. The
emphasis is on good manners but we also ask people if they have
special goals for their dog and adapt to these in the later classes. Most
people want a dog that comes when called, walks in a controlled
fashion on leash and can interact calmly in the presence of other
people and dogs. Our foundation exercises are based on Chris Bach's
games; Sit Maintain, Eye Contact and Walk Away. Through these the
dog learns self-control, attention to his handler and  a willingness to
give up the environment for the handler.

Bonding with the dog is encouraged through Tellington Touch as well
as the exercises that teach the dog to focus on the handler.
Reinforcement is used to create positive associations and provide the
dog with timely information. We use a Mark to tell the dog when he is
right. He learns that his actions have consequences and how to use
this knowledge to get reinforced. We explain how cue systems work
and talk about the importance of
having clear "on" and "off" switches
for behaviours we wish to control.
We discuss body language, both ours
and the dog's, and how this can be
used to develop mutual understanding.

Our goal is to have people better
understand their dogs and learn
positive ways to influence them
making their lives together better.

Occasionally we also offer classes or
clinics for members interested in
acquiring titles in Obedience, Rally,
Agility or Tracking.
Some attentive Jengar Goldens
Family Dog Class

Petawawa Civic Centre.
Please check our Facebook page
for current information on this and
other classes.

Class size is limited